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This was a school house and the original church building before it was later added  on to and renovated. They would have to build a fire in the old pot bellied stove on Sunday morning before services. 

Had it not been for the desire of one man to serve the Lord and go where the Holy Sprint  lead him, Sunny Slope would not be here today. That man was Wayne Harlan. Wayne came to Arkansas from Marion, Indiana in June of 1966. He preached his first Sunday on June 12,1966 at Sunny Slope.

The Church was organized Saturday, November 19th, 1966 by the Wolf Bayou Presbytery. Brother Brose Harrel, Otha Foust and Awin Hazelwood were present. With twelve charter members: Willie Bittle, Ermadean Bittle, Glenda Bittle, George and Minnie Bittle, Thurman and Fern Bittle, Sina Stone, Cecil Allen, and Wayne and Charlotte Harlan. 

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